Pictures of Lydia - June 2007

The first weekend in June we visited Amy, Keith, and Lydia.

Lydia is 8 months old and just learned to crawl.  Now she can explore the whole house!

Lydia was interested in everything that was
down on the floor where she was.

She crawled onto my lap to try to get my camera, and she followed me around and tried to untie my shoes.

Lydia checks out her diaper bag.  You can see that she only needs one arm to balance
and can use the other hand to wave around her sock, which she removed earlier.

The car seat/stroller seat was
interesting also.

We used the seat when the rest of us took a walk
while Amy gave a clarinet lesson.


The Rock-a-Stack is a favorite toy.  Lydia is very good at taking the rings off as soon as somebody puts them on.

Lydia still likes books, although she doesn't always get them right side up like she did this time.

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