Christmas 2007

Because of remodeling work in our house, we didn't put our tree up until December 22.

David and Lindsay came on December 27
and stayed for a week.


The rest of the family, including Lydia,
came for two days.

Lydia liked the ornaments on the tree.


Lydia and Grandma were good buddies.

Here we are visiting with Grandma Swan.



Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Dave gave Lydia a baby doll and other presents.

Lydia tries on a hat from Uncle Dave and Aunt Lindsay
while looking at some books from Grandma Swan.

Lydia also got a new bath toy.


Lydia shows Aunt Lindsay
how she can work her new puzzle.

Lydia figures out the
xylophone stick.


Lydia plays with her new
Where's My Tail? puzzles.

Lydia pulls some books
out of a gift bag.


Lydia opens a present from
Grandma and Grandpa.

Lydia is happy that it's
an Elmo laptop!

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