Thanksgiving 2007

On Thanksgiving weekend we visited Amy, Keith, and Lydia.

Lydia was almost 14 months old.

She still likes to read books.

She likes the computer game with pictures of family members that I made for her.

Nana bought her the Raggedy Ann doll after she bought her the Raggedy Ann Halloween costume.

At first, she wasn't sure about Grandpa, since she hadn't seen him
for two months, but she warmed right up to him.

Lydia helped Daddy check out his new computer and monitor.

Before now it was easier to put the shapes into the top of the cookie jar.  Now Lydia tries to put them in through the sides, but she needs help to get the job done.

Lydia eats using both a spoon and her fingers.  As you will see in the video below, sometimes using the spoon is just too much trouble.


Video of Lydia running around

Video of Lydia eating


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