Shirley Visits Lydia and Luke - August 2009

Pictures of Lydia

Lydia is almost 3 years old. She thought I was there to be her personal playmate.
Actually what I mainly did to help Amy and Keith was to take care of Lydia and keep her amused.

Lydia recently watched a Dora episode where Dora finds a jack-in-the-box and takes him home to her baby sister and brother.
Sometimes Lydia would says she was Jack and Mommy was Dora. At other times we put one of her animal puppets into a
shoebox to be Jack, Lydia was Dora, her doll was her baby sister, and Luke was her baby brother.

Lydia made a birthday cake out of play dough and crayons. She gave it to me and pretended it was my birthday.
We also made a zoo in the living room and sorted the animals by species.

Lydia used a necklace to make a pond for the turtle, fish, and ducks.
Lydia can play the "clarinet" like Mommy.

Lydia likes to help in the kitchen. Here is she helping wrap potatoes for baking.

Lydia and I had fun playing with bubbles.

Lydia can't usually reach the chimes, but with the help of a bubble wand, she was able to make pretty music.
She told me the name of each song she played - usually something with a pentatonic sound like
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or "Jesus Loves Me".

Pictures of Luke

More Pictures of Lydia and Luke

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