Amy and David McKinstry's Ancestors

Louise Wesley Swan

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Louise Wesley Swan
Born 5/18/1927
Died 5/13/2021

Louise Swan's Obituary

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Estella Farmer

Estella Farmer's Ancestors  
Cloid Wesley   
Cloid Wesley's Ancestors


 Estella Farmer Wesley - Cloid Wesley

To Cloid Wesley and Estella Farmer Wesley were born four daughters
Gertrude Elizabeth Born 1921 (died in infancy)
Lois Marie Born 1923
M. Louise (Featured on this page)  Born 5/18/1927
Mary Lotella Born 1932

Cloid and Estella, with daughters Louise (l) and Lois (r).

Cloid and Estella
Taken in Mt. Vernon, during the time they lived there.