Allerton Park - November 2007

Allerton Park is operated by the University of Illinois.
It contains both formal gardens and primitive walking trails.
We visited on a Saturday in November.

The road leading into the park

The gatehouse of the original estate

Pretty berries near the gatehouse


The first formal garden
was the walled garden.

A long path leads from one formal
garden to another.


Two lions on pedestals guarded the
entrance to one of the gardens.

There were two fish sculptures in one garden.

This garden and another one were parterres;
the bushes were arranged in geometric
patterns - squares and triangles.

This statue was one of several in the Avenue of the Chinese Musicians.

Wisteria Allée leads to and from the Fu Dog Garden.

The Fu Dog is the symbol
of Allerton Park.

The House of the Golden Buddhas
is in the Fu Dog Garden.

Two rows of Fu Dog statues line the approach to the House of the Golden Buddhas.

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