Memorial Day Weekend 2002
We Visit Family Grave Locations

Amy and David at their McKinstry grandparents' grave.
Robert and June McKinstry
Concord Cemetery,  Rice, IL

Also in Concord Cemetery, Robert and Mary McCune
Wayne's Great-Grandparents.

Amy and David at their McKinstry great-grandparents' grave
Tom and Winnie McKinstry
Oak Grove Cemetery
North of Pinckneyville

               I like this windblown look, don't you?


This is their great-grandparents
Tyra and Cora Mills
Garrison Temple United Methodist Church

Still at Garrison Temple,
 this is their great-great-grandparents
Horace and Sarah Wilson

(parents of Cora Wilson Mills)
Horace Boudinot Wilson was a
local businessman and prominent citizen

I need to give you a map to Garrison Temple.  That is hard because it is way out in the middle of nowhere.  I decided to make a series of maps to guide you.  Or on your GPS you can put in Garrison Temple and it will guide you.  Apparently "Garrison Temple" is a unique name.

 The following day, in Harrisburg, IL
Amy and David at their
 grandfather Quentin Swan's grave

Newton and Pearl were Quentin's parents
Amy & David's great-grandparents

Tom and Janie Fife were Pearl Swan's parents
(Amy and David's great-great-grandparents)

Amy at the entrance to Bankston Cemetery

Map to Bankston

          I think this is a good picture of the four of them

Cloid and Estella Wesley are
Louise Swan's parents and
Amy and David's great-grandparents 

Delmar and Lorena Feazel's grave
(Lorena is Estella Wesley's sister) 

Amy at the entrance to Raleigh Masonic Cemetery

Map to Raleigh Cemetery

Map to Shirley's Grave

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